WTF Open Every Saturday! Ouverte chaque Samedi!

Bonjour les cyclistes hivernales, estivales, occasionelles, quotidiennes et autre!
[english below]

Savez vous que les soirées Fem-Trans-Femme à la Voie Libre, l’atelier de vélo communautiare de Concordia, sont maintenant ouverts tout les samedis de 18h00 à 21h00?

Toutes les personnes trans, les fems, les femmes, les personnes non-binaires et toutes celleux qui ne se sentent pas à leur place dans un espace dominé par les hommes (cis) sont la bienvenue! Venez

  • réparer/retaper/renouveller votre vélo vous-même!
  • enlever le sel et la rouille de votre bike d’hiver
  • s’échanger sur les joies et les défis du vélo en hiver
  • partager ses connaissances et apprendre plus sur la composition de la bête, son entretien, et les outils de vélo

dans une atmosphère décontracté d’apprentissage mutuelle et respectueuse.

Nous avons hâte de vous acceuillir dès samedi prochain! Bonne route!
— les mécanicien.e.s du FTF

PS: utiliser La Voie Libre coute 2$ par soir ou 20$ pour toute l’année… Puis on cherche toujours des mécaniciennes bénévoles – les compétences sociaux sont ben plus important que les connaisances de mécanique de vélo, ca s’apprends assez rapidement sur le tas!

Dear winter bikers, summer bikers, and all other rad biking babes!

Did you know that Women-Trans-Femme nights at Right to move, the Concordia community bike workshop, are now open every saturday from 6-9pm?

Open to all trans, fem, women, non-binary and others who feel that male dominated spaces aren’t for them. Welcome! Come

  • repair/renew/improve your bike!
  • get all that salt off your winter bike (and maybe tighten those brakes while you’re at it)
  • rant and share stories and tips about the joys and challenges of winter biking
  • share your knowledge and learn more about the internal workings of your favourite mount, the care it needs, and all the cool bike tools

in a relaxed and fun atmosphere of mutual learning and respect.

We look forward to welcoming you next Saturday and any Saturday after that! Bonne route!
— the WTF mechanics

PS: using Right to Move costs 2$ a night, or 20$ for year-round access. Also, we’re always looking for new mechanics – people skills are way more important than perfect bike skills if you’re interested – you’ll learn that fast enough on the job 🙂

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Open Saturday 6 – 9 pm | Ouverte Samedi 18h – 21h

RTM will be open for a Women, Trans, Femmes shift this Saturday, August 20th from 6 – 9 pm. All women, trans, nonbinary, agender + people are welcome.

LVL sera ouverte samedi le 20 aout de 18h – 21 h pour une session de Femmes, Trans et Fems. Toutes les personnes qui s’identifie come femme, trans, non binaires, agenres sont bienvenues.

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Open Saturday 3 pm – 6 pm [August 13]

This Saturday Right to Move will be open for women and trans people [only] from 3 pm to 6 pm. This time we’re switching up the timing because of volunteer availability – but what do you think? Would you prefer we hold shifts from 3 to 6 pm every Saturday? Would you prefer earlier in the day? Or do you like our good old 6 – 9 pm shift the best?

Drop us a note at! We’re working on revamping our schedule this month and want to hear what you think.

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Seeking Volunteers!

Right to Move, DIY community bike shop located on Concordia’s downtown campus, is looking for volunteers to help staff ‘Girl’s Night In’, the women and trans folks only night that takes place on the second and last Saturday of each month from 6-9 pm. With spring (maybe) truly on its way and the return of seasonal bike lanes, it’s our busy time with folks wanting to tune up their rides. This means we need more folks to come help us help cyclists fix their bikes!

What does it mean to be a volunteer at GNI?

Volunteering at GNI means

  • being present to welcome people into the space
  • help them find tools
  • provide support in problem-solving and repairs
  • helping to maintain logs

People with all sorts of needs use the space, whether it is to simply lube up their chain to stop it from squeaking, start building a whole new bike or anything in between.

How much bike repair knowledge is needed to volunteer?

Not a lot! Volunteering is a constant learning process in itself, so if you want to know more about bikes then this can be a great way to be exposed to a whole range of bikes, parts and repair projects. You can always ask another volunteer if you get stuck, and we have books and internet access in the shop if everyone is uncertain about how to proceed.

How much time will I be expected to commit?

If you’re able to come help out at every GNI, then it’s a twice-a-month commitment for ~3.5 hours each time. However, if you only think you can help out one night a month, then that’s great too!

It would be great to have people commit to at least one night a month so we know what our capacity is each time, but we can also talk about more casual, drop-in volunteering if that’s what works for you.

If we have lots of folks who want to volunteer, we could also talk about holding GNI even more frequently.

Why have a women and trans folks only night anyway?

There are a few reasons. For one thing, we recognize that some folks who have experienced gender-based violence will not feel safe in a shop full of men, and so this is our effort to make a space that is as welcoming as possible to those people. Secondly, the unfortunate reality is that bike shop culture is still pretty male-dominated, which means that women and trans folks may feel uncomfortable or unwelcome due to behaviours that suggest that their skills/knowledge/perspectives/experiences are not as valid as those of men.

Thirdly, because spring/summer is a busy time of year, this allows us to open up the shop for a few more hours a week, allowing more people to access its resources. Finally, we volunteers at GNI love bikes and bike repair and we want to encourage more people to learn about them in a friendly, anti-oppressive environment!

What should I do if I want to volunteer?

First, be stoked about joining a great project! Then, you can email us at girlsnightinrtm(at)gmail(dot)com to let us know that you’re interested OR show up at the next GNIs on May 28th, June 11th, or June 25th at 6 pm and let us know!

Accessibility info:

The Right to Move space is located in a basement down ~6 stairs, with a tight turn at the bottom to open the door to inside. Available seating is backless metal and plastic stools, and one back-supported office chair. The shop space is lit by fluorescent lights, and there may be strong smells from lubricants, metal and other chemicals used for bike cleaning and repair. Gender-neutral bathrooms are available up a flight of stairs, and drinking water is available in the shop.

When you enter the shop space you can expect to be greeted at the door by a volunteer who will sign you in. At sign in you will be asked for your name, whether your are a member or a Concordia student, and what you’d like to work on (on your bike, ie. fix a flat, adjust your brakes, tune up a wheel, etc.). If you’re not already a member of Right to Move there is a 2$ fee for the use of the space and tools, or you can become a member for 20$/year — Right to Move is a not-for-profit organization that relies on membership fees for day-to-day operations.

Volunteers are present to answer your questions or help you figure out a problem with your bike, but cannot fix your bike. We have an informal ‘hands off’ policy, and volunteers should ask your permission if they need to touch your bike in order to help you. GNI is a learning space, and we hope that at every visit you can learn a new thing and that we can build our skills together!

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Girls Night In 2016

GNI continues twice a month in 2016, on the second and last Saturday from 6 to 9 pm.

Le GNI continue deux fois par mois en 2016, le deuxième et dernier samedi de 18h jusqu’à 21h.

feb 13, 27
mar 12, 26
apr/avr 9, 30
may/mai 14, 28
june/juin 11, 25

Any cancellations or special events are announced here on our blog, our facebook, and the Right to Move members’ email list.

Les annulations et événements spéciaux sont annoncer ici sur notre blog, notre profil facebook, et le list courriel des membres de la Voie libre.

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GNi ce samedi ++ GNi This Saturday

Hello all!
We are happy to announce that there will be a Girls Night in this Saturday at Right to Move. The GNi is a women, trans and queer only open shop held twice a month at the shop.
See you this Saturday from 6 to 9pm!
Allo tout le monde!
Nous sommes heureuses d’annoncer qu’il y aura un Girls Night in ce samedi de 18h à 21h à La voie libre. Le GNi est un événement non-mixte pour femmes, trans et queer qui se déroule deux fois par mois à l’atelier.
À samedi!
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Next workshops…

Want to come to the GNi? Well! The next shifts at Right to Move will be:

* Sept 26th
* Oct 10th
* Oct 31st — CANCELLED because we’re afraid of ghosts
* Nov 14th
* Nov 28th

Aaand, we’re off in December..! We’re also always looking for volunteers so whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned mechanic, just drop in and we’ll put you to work!

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Colloque VELLE-OH! Conference

May 9th is the first annual Velle-Oh! feminist bike conference, held by our friends Les Derailleuses. The conference aims to build connections within the feminist bike community, and will explore a range of topics such as sexism in bike shops, bicycle touring, winter biking, and more. The conference will be held May 9th at UQAM, and will be free to attend.

Please register here


Nos amies Les dérailleuses sont fières d’annoncer qu’elles organisent une conférence le 9 mai 2015 pour célébrer et explorer l’intersection du féminisme et du cyclisme. Nous voulons créer des liens entre les communautés cyclistes de Montréal à travers des ateliers, discussions et événements.

La conférence est entièrement GRATUITE.

Veuillez vous inscrire ici.

Nous remercions BQAM pour leur collaboration à l’organisation de l’événement.

Plus d’information et un horaire détaillé sont à venir.


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It’s that time of the month again! Girls’ Night In will be happening Saturday March 28, 2015, 18:00-21:00 at Right to Move. We are still running twice a month. Some exciting news, there will be a feminist bicycle conference, VelleOh!, happening this spring, Saturday May 9th. As such there will be no Girls’ Night In on this date. Stay posted for details!



Salut! Girls’ Night in sera passe Samedi 28 Mars 2015 18h-21h a La Voie Libre. GNI se dérouler deux fois par mois. Il y aura une conférence de cyclo-féminisme, VelleOh! ce printemps, samedi le 9 mai. Ainsi il n’y aura pas Girls Night In à cette date. Restez posté pour plus de détails!

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This Saturday, February 14th there will not be a Girls’ Night In, but we’re really looking forward to seeing you on the 28th!


Girls’ Night In sera annulée le 14 février, mais nous nous réjouissons de vous voir samedi le 28 février!

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